Our Team

The Canivate team is made up of skilled professionals with decades of achievement and recognition in their areas of expertise. This includes executive and operational management, finance and investment strategy, agriculture and horticulture, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, greenhouse management, consumer and packaged goods, design and construction, law, and brand building.

Individually, each person brings an impressive and proven track record to their work at Canivate. Collectively, we come together as a strong, experienced and collaborative team – ready to disrupt the hydroponic industry using science, business strategy and the ability to see opportunity where others see challenges.

Canivate plans to be a leader in bringing positive change to hydroponics.

Management Team

Canivate’s management team is executing a strategic business approach planned to redefine the business of hydroponics in all aspects in this emerging sector. This means that we are reviewing and revising entire elements of how things are currently being done – from the production of seedlings to cultivation to the establishment of offtake partnerships to branding and marketing. We will make evidence-based decisions with the goal of redefining industry standards, which have been in place and have been unquestioned since the industry began.

Canivate’s proprietary facility and growing system is designed to address the serious issues plaguing this upstart and exciting industry. Our business expertise provides the ability to implement our business strategy and redefine how this industry works, with a focus on making it better for everyone involved – from the cultivator to the retailer to, and most importantly, the consumer.